Noob + Locks

hey all, i’ve finally become near the end of my fixie build and would like to show you what i"ve made up. The main enticement of this build is so that i can lock this bike up and do whatever while having fun at the same time. Because currently i can’t really take my expensive and fragile road bike to school/ city/ wherever without not being paranoid about it.

Coming to the point; I’ve been looking at kryptonite locks and a couple of others. Could any of you shed some light on some locks that would be worthwhile? ( strong but not too $$$.)

Thanks heaps guys.

sorry, but how do you post pics?

Edit… figured out myself :slight_smile:

krypto mini evo is the one all the kids want. its small and strong.

The Kyrptonite Evolution LS

Kyrpto Evo Mini sucks balls. Can’t chain your bike to anything. Just locks the back wheel to frame. But thats my opinion, plenty of people run them. I guess its the level of security your after.

except street signs, bike racks, door grills, other bikes etc. I’ve never had an issue…

thanks guys for the input, i’ll give the Evo series a look over, cos i’d prefer a bigger lock. Where do you think i could buy one cheaply?

…assuming your road bike is aluminium/carbon…the mini evo may not even fit your frame to be lockable to most things (in case you wanted the lock to be versatile and not just look good cos you can stick it down your pants) - my 2c from running an alu frame.

yeah i totally agree, but i wont use this lock for my roadie. My main road rides are just for fun or racing so i dont need to lock it up.
But regardless i’d prefer a bigger lock that is way more practical.


+1 for the Evo Mini… I really hate carrying a U-lock around, but the size of this one makes it tolerable. I’ve had no issues locking it around the city.

You must have the worlds biggest frame tubes :|. You don’t lock around the frame any way. Best way to secure a bike is through the rear wheel inside the rear triangle to a pole or similar. They cant take your rear wheel and unless they cut the wheel the frame is staying put as well.

Nah my frame tubes aren’t too wide in diameter, but the aluminum is so thin that a hard knock with your fist can dint them. So this is why i dislike putting locks on it anyway.

I can recommend this one.

thaks nexus, i like the idea of the combo lock, no keys required. how’s the level of security on it?


This is what myself and my friend who I usually ride with use. I usually wear mine around my waist…being a size 32 and it is a perfect fit… my friend is a size 28 and his chain sits on his hips quite well also. They fit around alot more that standard U locks and once you get used to it being around your waist you dont really even notice it.

about $80 and they are pretty bullet proof :sunglasses:

thanks guys for all the info, really appreciated.

do most of you guys lock up your bikes outside when at uni/ work/ school?

It’s a Level 8. I only ever use it to lock up around town for an hour or two in daylight. It fits around your waist which makes it easy to carry. I found carrying a U lock was a pain.

i’m one of them :wink:
and if u want it not $$$

I reckon the amount you spend on a lock should roughly equate to 10% of the value of your bike… plus or minus how much you love it.

I have an ABUS granit U-lock.
The plastic bit came off within the first week… but apart from that its a nice beefy lock and gives me some ease of mind.

Also run a cable lock to secure whichever wheel isn’t covered by the ulock.

I use a mini Evo. Get them for cheap from Wiggle.

Can fit my lock up my rear wheel and seat tube to a normal street sign pole. I can also lock up with front wheel and downtube to a pole with it if need be.

It fits in my back pocket easily.

What about this? Next step up to the mini evo. Nearly the same size. 8.3cm x 15.3cm but 18mm thick! US$79.99

Approx AU$105 delivered from Fleabay

Im after a new lock too for my second build. What about these abus bordo locks, anyone used one or have an opinion on them?