Noob - point me in the right direction?

Hey everyone,
I’m 18, living in melbourne. about to finish year 12.
I’m keen on getting a fixed gear once i’ve finished school n got some money.
I got a few questions about where and what and how etc!

Is there anywhere in Melbourne (or Australia for that matter) that makes decent complete fixie bikes?
or is it best to just convert an old road bike??

If i were to convert an old bike, is there anywhere that can sandblast and powdercoat the frame??

Wheres the best place to buy parts?
gears, chains, handlebars, wheels, rims, tyres, front brakes etc etc…

Hate to be a drag,
any pointers very much appreciated.

Your first step is to go to a bikeshop.

Most bike shops should have one or two fg/ss bikes on display and you can probably get something decent for around $800.

Sit in front of your computer for a couple of hours and look through the articles in this forum. Stacks of good advice from heaps of people who have been there and done it before. If you after something in particular use the search function in the tool bar up the top and have a look there. Yes you can powder coat, yes roadie conversions are good… but so are completes. Most stuff depends on your budget. Look around here and you could learn a heap of stuff… and then there’s Sheldon :smiley:

He knows all.

All hail Sheldon. All hail Sheldon…

srsly… sheldon knows all. r.i.p…