Noob's New Ride

Hi all, very new to all of this. Have wanted a bike for about a year now and finally got onto it. I wanted to ride a bike for fitness (I need it given the office job), given I have bad knees from basketball. Didn’t want a bike that looked like I was doing the Tour de France, and loved the look of fixies. Saw a few videos on youtube and fell in love.

Anyhow, here is the new bike

Welcome to the wonderful world of fixed gears… any details about the bike, what is it?? :smiley:



Thanks GYPSY. It’s an Allegro Trak Alloy…I know very little about it. I know they had to change the bars to fit brakes on it and to give it a bit more of the flat part so that it was easier to ride…that’s about all I can tell you really. Am reading these forums and coming across a lot of terms that make no sense but i’ll get there…

Went for a small ride tonight - living in hilly templestowe made the fixed gear thing a bit painful for someone who last owned a bike when he was maybe 14, but I have to say I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to spending more time on it

thats kinda neat, i like

Templestowe is a lot like parts of Brisbane and those hills make for difficult choices regarding fixed gears. I assume you’ve read enough to understand gear ratios? I hope you realise that this choice can either give you a pain and hassle free ride or completely screw up your knees…

Hills are a bitch because you’ll want a smaller ratio if you are hitting lots of hills but then a higher ratio to get speed on the flats. I run 63" (see Sheldon’s gear inch calculator if you don’t know what this means) around Bris and find that this is a nice compromise between hill climbing with ease and not having to pedal too fast on the flat, although I find that downhils can leave me wanting something more.

You’ll probably hear of people running ratios in the 80"+ in Melbourne but that’s because these guys live in the `flatlands’ of Fixroy and Northcote. If you’re hitting hills like those around Templestowe (and man have I had some good times on those hills :-D) then I’d back off the ratio. At least build up to a bigger ratio over time if you want one, as hitting it too hard initially will have you trading that bike away in about 2 months time.

Oh and by the way… nice ride!

Thanks for the tip, that made some sense. I don’t actually intend to ride it around my area all that much, and am looking at moving in closer within the next year. But that’s something I didn’t have in mind when buying the bike (gear ratios i mean). Will speak to the service people when i bring it in next.

It was getting a bit hard to ride at speed, whether downhill or on flats. At one point my feet flew off the pedals because i didn’t have them in the strap…very scary!

again, Sheldon has a kick ass glossary

Nice one. Simple and understated.

Thanks guys. Have done a bit of riding this weekend and loving it - especially after converting to a single speed. With all the hills in my area, the fixed gear just wasn’t working out for me

Made a couple of cosmetic changes which of course, will now mean it goes faster.

you a fan of bianchi?

lol. liked the colour. and i do like their bikes…hope to get a bianchi road some day for the longer rides