northern star fixie

my first build not the best parts but i think it looks good, and rides well so im happy untill i finish my next build then i will be sooooooooo happy :slight_smile:

Nice, big fan of the flat handlebars too.

Though word of warning… I would advise at least a front brake, for no other reason than putting your faith and health in the hands of the accuracy, materials and machining of those ‘STARS’ track wheels might be a bit too much confidence in a cheap wheelset.

not a fan of those ebay wheels…

its ok all white b43’s are on there way :wink:

theres a new set of those stars track wheelsets now for sale
i feel sorry for whoever buys them thinking they are as good as b43’s

A mate of mine bought a set of those wheels real cheap, but on his first ride he stripped the thread! Really poor quality. Although the rims are not too bad. Am rebuilding his rear with an on-one 24 hole.

you should run a front brake,
if this is your first steed

esp if you’re running a freewheel…

I thought these where SS not fixed or the flip and the flop?

i thought they were fixed only?

o/ o/ oh tell me when you gonna break … tell me, quando, quando quando? o/ o/

They sell them in fixed and freewheel versions.

To their credit though, I have thrashed a set of the single speed wheels around Sydney for a few months now with no problems at all.

Nice bike - +1 on the front brake, although that is a discussion that has been had so many times…

What is the crankset? And where is the top tube pad from?

Can you post a pic when the B43’s are put on, would love to see what it looked like.

Put Drops on it! :smiley:

yeah im with Drozzy

i have been running a set (singlespeed) for about a month or so now

doing 30klms round trip every day to work (so done about 600 klms so far) and no probs…so far

but discussions on here have got me very worried, i am 90kgs so figure its only matter of time until they give out

got enough money now to get a decent set ( velocity deep V’s i figure) so time to start looking for a set