NOS Aluminium frame

I’ve got an opportunity to purchase a NOS aluminium (7005) frame that dates back to 2001/2002. I am currently riding a De Rosa Vision which is of a similar vintage and I think is the identical tubing set. I love the ride and feel of my De Rosa and imagine this frame would be a great replacement as the De Rosa has started developing some small hairline cracks at some of the joins (hence the need to replace).

I’ve heard about aluminium fatiguing with age, however have never really found out if this is related to time spent riding or simply years since manufacture? I guess I don’t want the same fate to befall this frame as did my De Rosa. What do you guys reckon?

Aluminium does fatigue with use. It would certainly relate to time spent riding the frame, it should have nothing to do with the years since its manufacture.

Don’t they say aluminium frames last less than 10 years with use?

It would make sense given that my De Rosa has been ridden pretty hard over the last 8 years and is only now showing signs of age. I reckon I might just have to pull the trigger on it!

Edit: Damn! You snooze you lose. Just went to hit the buy it now and it has already gone in the last hour. Oh well, plenty more frames out there!