NOS Araya Super Aero Clincher 32H BIN $200USD

ARAYA Super deep dish NOS track, aero rims | eBay

soooo tempted.

200 for NOS seems somewhat reasonable =D

Might have a bid. Headed to USA in 11 days and will be in Ashland for 3 weeks in October :slight_smile:

Surely someone will hit the BIN. They go for that much individually.

Considering how hard they are to find, I’d pay $200 for them but I’ve already got a pair (in worse condition :frowning: )

hmm… i just hit BIN, but it appears the seller has changed their postage policy… what was it originally, like US$69?

yeh the original shipping was $69

shot them a message… wait and see…

If it falls through wih postage issues maybe put him onto me and i can grab them in Ashland.

Good work Icecream!

Glad I got that hub off you before you got these haha!

damn good score

ubi ??

yes sir.

Cool !!! Torch or wrench?

turning spanners and building wheels

This one?
Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance for Women
… Hurr hurr hurr

but seriously… why is there a different course for women?

ha indeed! dang… let the search begin (32h superbe pro front track hub, anyone?).

Good for you, enjoy it all :slight_smile:

To put it simply, the instructor can’t make sexist jokes if both genders are in the class.