NOS Cinelli cyclocross

Cinelli * PASSATORE * CYCLOCROSS racer 48cm NOS | eBay

Makes Cinelli look like some dodgy K-Mart brand. Geez that’s ugly!

dunno if its pure Cx, looks more toury.

Mid fork braze ones, two rack/guard mounts at the back, triple crank.

and yeah, pretty nasty combo of parts/setup.

My god thats ugly. Horrible.

Upon second glance i think its the stem that brings the whole thing down.

Burn the stem, cut the price by 2/3 and i might put in a dummy bid.

The stem is fine, it’s the bars that suck.

Actually yeah, those bars are a crime.

Edit: The more i look at it the uglier it gets. Kill it with fire.

Never seen Cinelli build something of this style/grade.

It was a mistake. A terrible, terrible mistake.

Someone’s taking the piss…

Frame itself is okay, geo looks almost retro mtb

this is some dope as f vintage cx steel

Maybe its a knock off?


i think it’s the stem n the bar tape that makes it ugly

Doesnt have regular Cinelli stays, if that means anything.

Legit Cinelli, but nothing special. Late 80s.

That said, it’s a pretty decent touring frame, and the name (The Smuggler) is better than an Il Pompino.

Just burn the bars and stem first.

A mate of mine had a Rampichino … coolest name ever. Shit bike though.

Those bars/stem are exactly what you’ll see on 80s drop bar MTBs from the States (WTB, Fat Chance etc.).

I think this is exactly that: a monstercrosser before there were monstercrossers. Hella ugly no matter what.

I’d call it an evolutionary dead end that could be repurposed if the cockpit is sacrificed to Cino’s ghost.