It’s the little details isn’t it?

Fortunately, yes Dan it’s you I’m talking to, this looks a wee bit small!

It’s nice but is it $3000 nice? And you are right Horatio the little details do make the difference :slight_smile:

As for the seller gabbing on about how it has been signed by Ugo De Rosa, I’m pretty sure that most steel De Rosa have that decal of Ugo’s signature. It’s like saying that every frame with world champ stripes has been ridden by a world champion.

Nah I’m more cut up that this one is too small for me:

De Rosa Track/Pista frame 50 x 52 cm EXCELLENT used - eBay Bicycles Frames, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 18-Aug-10 12:29:36 AEST)

My size (but haz no moneyz)!! Check out the seat stay/track end cluster treatment!

already on it!

if i had a lazy $3k i’d be tempted… problem is i wouldnt’ want to ride it. so very nice.