NOS LOOK frames

You may have seen this on teh bay.

Story is I sourced these from Spain; the local chap went bust in the GFC and had stuff lying around. I got a pallet of the frames, but due to new enterprises I’m getting rid of them.

Keeping it tight amongst the crew, if you’re an FOAer and you’re keen, send me a PM and bam 15% off.

If you’re a paid-up member bam 25% off.

There’s one already with a member (ross_aa) if you want a second opinion, I think getting built at Pony right now? Anyhoo, here’s the link if you wanna look-see.

Look KG223 Steel Frames NOS | eBay

oh maaaan.

DO it Jase! If i hadn’t committed to the caad i’d have bought one of these!

Wow that’s tempting. I’ve got a complete NOS 8sp Shimano 6400 groupset that would like right at home on one of these.

Maaaaan, looked at these at the show but not big enough!

Why is my money so scarce right now.

All the same colour?

If only these were up two weeks earlier!!!

If only I needed a road frame!

Steel LOOK’s are always cool. I also saw these in person and they’re nice :wink:

Here’s an earlier one replate with La Vie Claire colours.

All the same colour.

This :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep these are nice.

JLN should ditch his CAAD for one of these.

Better geo pic:

If I had a spare $600 I would.

Want to buy a Cannonadale 2.8?

minus %25 though…

bargain at 25% off, but dont think i have the heart to go matte black on a NOS frame =P