NOS Moser Track

interesting to see what this goes for

NEW OLD Stock Moser Super Prestige Track Pista Columbus Vintage Frame SET | eBay

Seller bought it for 200 on the weekend. I tried to buy it for #foamafia but was having some tech problems at the wrong time :(.


$200?? jeebus!

Did all that stuff come of scammells? He must got it all veeeeery cheap.

That second 5 star is dope.

Build this up right, and you have a keeper right there.

Looks that way. Apparently there is some Euro Sport roadies going to auction there very soon.

Also, the buyer got a bargain… look at what it was valued at.

TRACK FRAME - F Moser track Frame with Campagnolo Headset New Old Stock

Just because the seller says it’s worth a motza doesn’t mean it’s worth it. It’s like jewellery insurance valuations.

Yeah, I figured that much… but I’m surprised the starting amount was low.

might make a few bob off that headset too

+1 so much potential.

Blahhh I have to pay more attention to scammells :frowning:

Is it free to browse whatever is in there during normal office hours??

Viewing is available Saturday before an auction (they’re usually on Monday) and on the auction day, of course.
I look at most catalogs and go to a fair few of them but bikes worth buying are rare. This was at a special ‘collectors’ auction on a Saturday and listed very high. Most auctions are passed in if bidding doesn’t start much past the lowest estimate so I was surprised they let this sell. You can bid online so I was watching the auction without much spare cash to play (so i thought) but when bidding was starting low I was caught out and my split decision to bid bid didn’t get in quick enough! Pop-up blocked, i think.
Pretty livid.

niiiiiiice. if this wasn’t a midget bike i’d be all over it.