NOS Record Century.


Yeah id do stupid things for this.

i’d ask for a discount given the condition of some of the boxes, less than perfect, just sayin

Yeah lay off the beers and go to bed you have to ride in the morning.

lay off the riding, you’ll want to be able to walk in the morning…

Ask Richard Sachs for a discount?

He’s no fool, he’ll just put them back on the shelf and sell them some 2 years later for even more money. There’s no such thing as paying too much, just too early.

Problem is who’d have the balls (and money) to actually use of this on a rider?

I don’t get it? 3.5 k …reserve not met? It’s not panto’d like old SR anniversary group. Just a new 8 speed group with odd size cranks (172.5) isn’t it.

I’m sure this will sell with some negotiating,
Probably end up in Japan on a nos Italian frame.
I personally think it clashes on bikes with chrome.
On the right frame though wow .

shit like this always amazes me, also makes me wonder what other NOS goodies lie await tucked away in someones attic.

but what colour goes best with century?

i’m thinking of cwmd’s story

that the dude that found the yamaguchis?

aye. that’s the shit you daydream about.

so what colour for a century groupset? i’m leaning towards saronni red


Current price is great, the last group went for something like $7K.

Edit: Now with link

so this went for over 3k less than the one blakey linked… did someone get a bargain or did someone get ripped off?