Not a secret anymore campy 50th on a Marinoni.

Retro Vintage Marinoni Road Bike Columbus Cinelli Campagnolo | eBay

Reacon it will go nuts and sell for big dollars then the buyer will realise all he got is cranks brake calipers and derailleurs of a 50th Anni group and that’s all

I’m not gonna touch it haha.

Yeah it will go for way more than its worth I bet,
Unless it’s a serial under 4000 or do and complete it’s just meh

Don’t understand the interest in Campy 50th gruppo’s … they sat on shelves forever (most sold below wholesale cost), no pro or even amateur racer ever used them, and it just looks kitsch/wanky. I think the interest in them has mainly come from people who weren’t there back in the day and don’t have an accurate historical perspective.

Plain Jane Nuovo & Super Record looks 10 times better than 50th gruppo’s. Just my $0.05c opinion :wink:

Yeah from what I understand the first run was a hit so campy went nuts and kept doing runs of it untill it was in such over supply they couldn’t give the shit away.

No truth to the stories of Saronni ran a Colnago with Campy 50th on it?

I can’t remember seeing it on any pro bikes or anyone caring. Saronni might have had some bike for publicity but the idea of a 50th group on a race bike is silly as some small parts are slightly different so the mechanincs job would be a nightmare.

It sat in all the fancy bike shops, behind the counter and every year they gathered more dust till eventually the prices dropped to what the shops paid (wholesale) or slightly less. Even then people would snigger and “dreamin” at the idea of paying for such. By then it was old and 7 & 8 speed Dura Ace was so much more affordable and worked far better. C Record hardly anyone could afford.

Its the same in almost all genres of vintage bike stuff though. For example, prices of anything 3D Violet for retro MTB are insane, of course back in the day only Freds bought it and you’d have been hard pressed to find any at a race, most of the collectors/sellers got theirs when it had sat around for a decade unbought on some dusty back of shop shelf. Paul Derailleurs, I remember seeing them on closeout…now they cost more than a whole bike build but still work worse than alivio.

Quoted for “just the way things is” - lolz

Old mate has now relisted the bike with more photos and is now offering shipping.

Still wouldn’t touch it.