not bike related: somali pirates

how do somali pirates manage to hi-jack an oil tanker? seriously, that thing was huge!

“captain, there are some guys dressed in rags with a bunch of automatic weapons motoring towards us.”

“well, fuck! let 'em aboard! lets see what they want!”

Thats why you stop

They have a mother ship that waits in somali waters and when they see a ship, they release three or four smaller fast speed boats with heavily armed somalis or kenyans to go get it. due to the political situation in Somalia the government is powerless.

So fuck yeah! i would so be down with that.

[pub] is the everything else forum. knock yourself out.

There was a good article at theregister about this – a response to the tubthumping that’s going on in the UK about what exactly the Royal Navy are going to do about it. To me it’s like the macroeconomic version of stealing a taxi - it’s a shit job that only people from the poorest countries do - driving and crewing the ship that is - and the countries where the shipping lines are based don’t seem to give a rat’s, either paying the ransom, eventually, or passing the cost on to insurers. Wonder what that’s doing to everyone’s premiums.

[tinfoil hat] or it’s a beat-up / frame to allow the West to enter Somalia to wipe out Al Qeda. [/tinfoil hat]

It’s six guys in a dinghy :frowning: yes with rpgs

RPG + flammable product + ordinance (courtesy of the Somali civil war) + underpaid crew = “have the fuck’n boat”

No ransom demands have been made to owners of the boat (the owners of the boat, own the oil, bought on the spot price market). So the upshot will be Somali oil, which will result in state sanctioned piracy

“…heavily armed somalis or kenyans…”

If they’re busy plundering the high seas they’re not creating mayhem on my city’s streets in their silvertops :evil:

I say let 'em have at it.

Arrr i wish i were a pirate :smiley:

Ye’ll have ter wait 'till next September 19 me hearty!! YArrrr!

A part in me still thinks it’s awesome pirates are still going strong. Arrrr

Pirates rock. The thing’s insured so who cares?

I bet none of the dudes who do that would thing of speaking Somali now would they? :stuck_out_tongue: