Not dodgy at all


or maybe just really honest?

deception bay, QLD…

lol, D bay… he probly got robbed, stoned and spat on each time he rode it… i would stay at home and drink instead too

It’s locally known as depression bay.

Which leads to drinking and (day time) TV watching?

this guy is an aussie legend

Max monaro…

I say its stolen. The saddle bag says that whomever owned it rode regulaly. IMO

At least he got the sadle angle right, unlike the grandad bars.

Agreed, it’s stolen. There was a guy who posted pics of a really similar bike on here about 2 months ago

I lived there for 15years & owned 18 bikes at once, didnt mean they were knocked off from the train station though.

I’d say it was genuine sale. Local dealer Bums on Bikes was the importer and was ditching them out at cost not long ago.