Not eBay - Grays Online

This might be of more interest to Sydney folks or those with the Sydney contacts

Unreserved Contents of Bicycle Shop

shit loads of stuff there!

If you’ve never bought stuff through Grays:
The final price is what it is
Grays add 13.5% “buyers premium” to each final price
The final price then has GST added on
The buyers premium also gets GST added on

Just do your maths and you might get lucky. I’ve got my eye on the speedplays.

so if you buy an item for $100 it ends up being $127.20? ouch

depends on the order they calculate it so that might not be exact… but thats a lot of fees and taxes!

Exactly. Given speedplays average around $130 a pair, these would need to go for less than $89 final price to be a worthwhile buy.

Final price $89 +
($89 x 13.5%) $12
+ $ 8.90 GST
+ $ 1.20 GST
TOTAL = $111.10

Then you’ve got to drive to Lidcombe to pick the bastards up yourself.

Max doughies in the gravel at Lidcombe station.

Want those 3 Fizik saddles.

no workshop tools…reckon the old mechanic/owner cleaned the joint out?
Anyone in Syd actually going? A few things of interest.

Sounds like a lot of effort for little gain or am I missing something?

Auctions i’ve been to the buyers premium includes GST.

No. I reckon Grays are banking on you to miss that particular something.

Grays Sale Info tab specifically says

"This Sale has a 13.5% Buyers Premium

For example:

Successful Bid Price is $100 + 13.5% Buyers Premium = $113.50 + 10% GST = $124.85"

So they get you with GST twice.

And the point of collecting GST twice would be?

presumably they have to collect GST on the sale of the item and also for the cost of their service (two separate things)

Any Extralites going?

¢a$h mon€¥, boieeee!!!

Yeah, or Enve carbon products…

The shop that all this stuff came from was a local Avanti store for myself and heavymetal.

The landlords had a bit of a liquidation sale on site a few months back when any top end gear got sold. I was interested in going to get myself a bargain or two but was out-a-town, so this is the left overs. I’m guessing the workshop gear would’ve probably walked out the door with Mr Mechanic or then got snapped up quickly at the first sale.

They had been real real low on stock for ages, once I was even told they were waiting on 2012 stock to come in and had purposely let the stock run down for more space…that was in about April, seemed a bit early for 2012 release bikes!

was this in Top Ryde? Always drove past that place, never ended up flying in.

Nah, Castle Hill. in the industrial area.


Pitty we won’t see any $$$ out of that, which they owed Velocity for!

Ive seen the creditors list of what they owed. Never would I ever imagine
that amount of money. Seriously!

Guess a figure, double it, add a bit more, add some GST then times that by 3 and I think you
will still be way off!


some great potential buys on there though. pretty keen for new wheelset (the quandos are still fine…despite being thrashed like a motherfucker)

but this double GST business is a slight pain…but i guess on the bright side there are bargains to be had.