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City cyclists see red and just keep riding | The Daily Telegraph

Yawn. Send your stamped, self-addressed envelope to get your journalism degree.

I am absolutely sick of these news stories.
Well done Daily Telegraph for yet another sensationalised piece of crap that appeals to the lower IQ bell-ends that believe if you’re not driving a commodore/falcon or a ute you’re not only un-australian, you’re also a physical threat to australian society.
Well done again for capturing the voice of the incredible super dildos that drive their giant 4WD’s around inner city roads, and would cry if their car got a splash of mud on the side as it might damage their $600 baby seal skin boots or $8000 limited edition Armani suit made entirely from the hair of nasa astronauts.
Finally these two crucial demographics can bookmark another news story they can use in court when they hit a cyclist to prove that cyclists are dangerous.
I don’t consider us a progressive nation anymore, and the more I read and see, the further that idea slips.
In my opinion we need all the cycling bodies (Cycling NSW, BV, BWA, BTAWA, Bike Tas, Bike SA, BQ etc) to start fighting together for cyclist rights and facilities. There are a lot of things that probably need to change before then though like standard road rules instead of changing state to state, but it’s about time this started to get done.
We live in a pretty flat country, there is no real reason people shouldn’t be able to cycle, but I just don’t think we have the support and articles like this and the other 183 I’ve seen this week are not helping. /rant

sometimes i wouldn’t mind being in NSW. if i got a fine for $57 i’d pay it, unlike these $299 fines in vic

I got yelled at by a motorist for running a red the other day.

Granted it was green pedestrian man for all directions so its not like I was obstructing traffic but “there must be some other rules for cyclists - tosser” man clearly had an issue with it lol

^ So its your fault society is clearly unravelling at the seams due to reckless brakeless red-light-less bike riders?

I run a brake :open_mouth:

do the idiots who want cyclists registered because “they break the law” got their way then we’d also have to register pedestrians?
i see more pedestrians cross against lights in a day than i do cyclists in a year.

Taking off my cycling cap with upturned short beak and putting on my driver’s hat, I can see some valid points in the article. Many cyclists think they own the road and want the best privileges of both pedestrians and drivers. They want some superhero class of citizen who is allowed to do whatever they want because their vegan eating habits and non-greenhouse gas emitting ways are contributing to the environment. They arrogantly demand better facilities and expect money to come out of nowhere.

The main point of the article was about cyclists breaking rules and needing to be accountable. Fair enough. Don’t get all overly defensive and say every article like this is against cyclists and wants them off the road. Just stop making every other cyclist look like a douche bag by breaking the road rules. If you want others (pedestrians and drivers) to play by the rules then you should too.

/takes off driver’s hat

BTW of course I’m against registering every bicycle as that’s just stupid.

Then you’re a fool who has succumb to a strawman argument. The people that you and the article complain about are fictional.

I enjoyed reading this :smiley:

People in glass houses…

For every red light runner on a bike, I see 10x more cars do it. I sit at a set of lights every morning and the light turns green, but the oncoming cars keep coming through the red doing right hand turns against the traffic.

For every cyclist without a helmet, I see 50x people using their mobiles while driving or else, speeding.
The sheer weight of numbers dictates that drivers will, and do, break the law more than cyclists.

And BV… has there been a bigger joke than them?! We need a proper bicycle advocacy group here in Melbourne.

Red light running cyclists are fictional? Bullshit.
I don’t do it, but I see plenty of guys riding through the pedestrian crossings on Beaconsfield parade. I actually think it’s reasonable, but I don’t do it because it pisses everyone else off.

^ The absolute truth. (Nexus’ post)
I only have a 20km both way commute but I’m going to count the number of infringements I see tomorrow, guarantee it will be more than 10.

Hmm fictional red light running hipsters?

Of course cars run reds but that has nothing to do with it. Whether it’s on a bike or in a car it is still wrong and can be dangerous. The article talks about people getting fines for running reds in a car, either being seen by a cop or caught on camera, but the point is with bicycles it’s harder to police.

the point that you’re completely missing is if a car runs a red light and hits someone, it’s going to kill them. how many people have been killed by cyclists ever?
i’m not saying it’s right, but don’t for one second try and tell me that you’ve never run a red, or broken a traffic regulation.
the only reason people complain about cyclists running reds and rolling through stop signs is that it makes them angry because they’re stuck in traffic and can’t do the same. if the shoe was on the other foot they’d do exactly the same thing.
this bicycles vs cars argument is fucking stupid anyway, cars hate bikes because they have a sense of entitlement to using the roads (which is completely unjustified), cyclists hate cars because they kill them
ps, bikes were on the roads before cars

Not a haiku:

I ride into the city from Melbourne’s west.
Everyday there are many reds run by bikes.
They are not fictional.

No, the point of the article was to drum up support for a draconain restriction on cyclists (registration), for no other reason than that these people hate cyclists.

They try to paint all cyclists as criminals by only exaggerating the incidence of road law breaking by cyclists, but also completely ignore the fact that there is seldom any consequence to cyclists breaking the law. (Motorists cause over 1500 deaths each year in Australia, on average, whereas there has been only a single case in this country of a cyclist killing someone as a result of breaking road rules.)

It’s not about enforcing laws, otherwise they’re be calling for registration of pedestrians too, it’s about nothing more than hurting cyclists. They just dress it up as a law an order issue so that they can try to conflate objecting to this with advocating lawlessness. Only an idiot would fall for it.

Mate don’t give me that pity party cyclists vs. the world bullcrap. If cyclists want to ride on the road and be treated like vehicles, then they have to take any rules that come along with it, not pick and choose. Obviously registrations on bicycles is not the answer, but there should be a way of controlling cyclists’ behaviour…

This thread is starting to turn into a shitfight.

Unlike car drivers who obey every rule and don’t bitch about rule enforcement as revenue raising!