Not really Bike related, but it made my day.

Not bike related at all, but as I was driving to work this morning(I have an hour and a half commute), I saw a truck change lanes and force the car next to it into the left lane. It turned out the dude in the car was an off duty copper, who in turn, fined old mate in the truck. That shit never happens, aka never a cop around when you want one.
Trucks are the bane of my existence whilst driving. And I hate driving at the best of times.

I hate people who move onto a busy road where plenty of trucks go, or move into a newly built apartment block on a busy road notorious for plenty of trucks driving on…then complain and protest that their are too many trucks in their area and trucks should be banned :x thats all.

I don’t like it when trucks pass me on my bike at speed and theres no bike lane and I feel like Im gonna die, but thats a different story.

They’re like the ones that moved into the apartments in the inner city and then proceeded to complain about the bands playing in the pub next door.

I had a semi pass me on Bridge Rd once and I swear if I’d moved out of the gutter, I would have been dead.

I heard a while ago that there’s a new law that is similar to Terra Nulius. It was brought about due to those wankers in North Sydney that built their houses above the cliff from Luna Park, then complained about the noise and had the park close down. The owners of the park took the wankers to court and won, and in turn created the new law.

Trucks. The trick with trucks is you have to dress up like a girl, then they’ll slow down to get a look and won’t scare you so much as they hoon past :wink:

You found that out by accident didn’t you?

Who was the guy that set himself up with sensors to measure passing distance for different setups… Tim Grahl, Carlton Reid?

Helmets mean you get less distance, long blonde wigs mean you get more.

I give shouts to the occasional riders I see tagging on the back of trucks. Balls.

it was Carlton Reid pretty sure, english dude