nothing like black and white

Hey guys, finally scraped together enough dollars to finish off my first fixed gear bike, a very delicious Cannondale Capo rolling on snowflakes. Pretty happy with the result.

Crazy lacing pattern! Did you do that yourself?
Me wonders how strong it is…

oh nice… does it come in mens?

Show us photo of your missing teeth, Collingwood-boy.

wtf! how did you do that to the spokes?

those spokes represent about 4 hours of lacing and plenty of swearing. It’s all about the twist

(btw, not collingwood supporter, please don’t lump me in with those people)

capo = choice bro sweet geometry cuz.

How strong is that lacing?

for what it’s built for, stuffing around town, its plenty strong enough. Hard to stress relieve the spokes but once that’s done its tits. wouldn’t want to use them in high torque situations, ie. track racing.