NOTHING to do with bikes, but...

watch this shit. if you’re at work, turn the volume down low.

peter ''g’day" russell clarke is my new god.

Fucking fry the cunts until they go black ya prick!

HAHAHA…what a classic

No video, but keep the sound down as well. Oh… and don’t ever ride anywhere near Croydon!!

hehehe, I don’t usually forward jokey stuff but I’ve been spamming that link all over the shop recently. Gold!

In early high school I had a mate who used to live up the road from him and once or twice we hid in his yard to escape our angry rock-throwing victims… errr, I mean angry random passers-by. I can actually remember thinking, “It’s only Peter Russell-Clarke, he’s so nice he wouldn’t do anything if he caught us.”


oh shit our club rides all start from Croydon

Classic !! Laughed out loud which is something I usually avoid at work.


I’d probably find it funny if it wasn’t so depressing. We have to live in the world with dishrags like this guy.

Wash your mouth out.

Interview with him on 16/01/08 about this

If i ever get married, this guy will be at my wedding.