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WTF?: mens bike: no wheels, chain, peddles, handlebars, seat or frame - needs work | eBay

Mens bike

Missing seat

Also missing frame, handlebars, peddles, chain and wheels

First to see will buy.

Can post anywhere

Grab yourself a bargin, bidding starts at $1

I’ve just offered to trade a NOS dutch rudder. Hope he responds.

I tempted to spend the dollar and demand the shifters, brakes, reflectors, bell, cables, tyres, bar tape, grease and oil that he hasn’t listed as missing…

And you got a response. Sweet. Let us know how that goes at the end of the auction.

pretty funny, but he should get out more. must be suffering from inner city pressure

You don’t measure up to the expectation.
When you’re unemployed, there’s no vacation.
No one cares, no one sympathizes.
You just stay home and play synthesizers.

I beat you to it! And he has now updated the listing:
LISTING UPDATE The listed item is a single speed, custom fabricated suicide bike without brakes. The customiser welded the forks to the handlebars so they are also gone. Unfortunately I lost the cranks in a recent move, these are not available. To clear up any confussion, ‘missing wheels’ includes tires, tubes, valves, etc, as does ‘missing seat’ include seatpost, reflector, etc.

someone bid, and then neg feedback when he doesnt deliver lol

lol this is farkkin hilarious…

ah rolly…i just lost my shit.


happy to be of assistance :slight_smile: