Now that is a nice actually NOS frame...

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wow. that is nice.

Thats nice.

Oh wow. Someone is going to get themselves a dream bike.

I’ve had a couple of these. The adjustable dropouts are nicely done but it makes no difference to ride, does make it easier to get good chain tension if running fixed. 130mm spacing, and the top tube is shorter than the seat tube. I’d check with the seller but if it’s 57cm c-c seat tube it should be about 55.5cm top tube. Nice frames, fun to ride, lively in that good Italian tradition.

I always wanted one and I might fit if it is a 55, why do people selling stuff like that limit themselves with pickup only…

As for pickup, I’ll offer my services to collect if someone here buys it. I won’t, however, trust my packing skills. So if you’re willing to arrange a shop to pack it up, I’ll pick it up. Mostly just cos I want to have a good ol’ stickybeak.

Turn it into a conversation and whack an Aerospoke on it

That is p0rn!

Only worth doing if you cut off all those unnecessary braze-ons.



Double heh.

“So… do you come here often…?”

Grammar police out in force this morning I see

Bans have been handed out for less.


FFS what now??

if anyone is interested, theres a mint looking GIOS compact full build on Perth gumtree going for $1400 (before offers) Campy 10spd mix of chorus, centaur and veloce.

Gios Compact | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Fremantle

My brother lives in Freshwater, so i can get the frame picked up and boxed easily enough…should anyone need.

I had one of these. It broke (after I sold it).