Now this is sketchy

Vintage Campagnolo Road Bike (eBay item 270732759746 end time 13-Apr-11 16:20:07 AEST) : Sport

Spotted this, and had a good scan of the pics and couldn’t see any campag anywhere on it.

So i sent this Q
Dear nothinsus,

Hi there, What does the campagnolo refer to on this bike?
All the components are shimano.
Are the dropouts stamped as such?
Any other pantographs or Serial numbers to suggest if it’s an Italian frame?

and got this response
Hi I am selling this bike for a friend who purchased this bike new,it has been resprayed 20 years ago,and it is the real deal or I would not bother selling it for him.

  • nothinsus

So my response was
Dear nothinsus,

No worries, but that doesn’t answer my question.
campagnolo is a brand of components, like deraileurs wheels etc, not a brand of bicycle or a manufacturer of frames.
this bike has all shimano and nothing campag on it at all.
Hence my question to try and ascertain it’s provenance.

thanks anyway.

Weird huh?

That does sound sussed. And with a name like nothinsus makes me wonder.

speaking of sketchy. I came across this on craigslist

cannondale track thin tires 54cm

he is selling a 90s cannondale track bike. with front aerospoke. The whole thing would be $1000+ but its advertised for $200.

He says “cannondale “track” fixie no breaks!! cool white super fast aero wheel included!”

guaranteed to be stolen. But if I was in New York I would definitely check it out.

isn’t the headset campy? maybe this is what he’s basing it on

Used to come across this all the time in the UK. Condor track bikes listed for 300-400quid on Gumtree. No other details provided. So you call them and the say “Oh, ah, don’t really know much about it. I’m selling it for my cousin.” Yeah right. Bastards.

Nah its shimano 600

Fucked if I can see anything campy about it.

Just received this response,

No Worries I was only told to put on the add,what my friend wanted and I agree about what you said.

  • nothinsus

Yeah… sure buddy.

ah yep your right

is it too obvious to mention, or does anyone else see the irony in his user name?

Yeah, that was why I never mentioned it overtly.Paradoxically he has good feedback.

Frame looks suspiciously like a ricardo elite.

maybe the rest of you should inundate him with requests to authenticate it and see if he changes the listing, and post the responses here for shits and giggles.

Questions sent

same…cant wait for the response

Hassling kids on eBay, my favourite pastime.

Cool, now make sure you post the responses for LOL’s

Old mate has changed the listing and removed the campy references.

we have a reply.

I sent Hi there.

Im really
" interested in the bike you are selling on eBay. Would be willing to pay 600+. why are you starting it at 0.99 cents.
Its a real gem and could make a lot of money. Where did you friend purchase it. I think this frame could have been made by Jim Bundy a top aussie frame builder and these frames usually sell for 700+."

i got
" Hi Michael my friend cannot remember who he purchased the bike from,the 0.99 is to just get rid of the bike for him as he has no room or time for it."

its oh so dodgy

I don’t get it … just because a seller knows little about bikes or is a bit vague doesn’t mean it’s stolen or worse still that they’re covering something up. The seller initially put Campagnolo in the title which a hundred sellers do every day as keyword spamming and quite common.
I start auctions at $0.99c too … lower listing fee’s and often it results in a higher sale than a high buy-it-now price as the bidder’s get into it early. Nothing wrong with that.

You guys are barking up the wrong tree - you don’t get 500+ positive feedback on ebay by doing anything dodgy or suspect. The sellers biggest crime is his ebay handle/name/ID.

^ +1

Being ignorant is not sketchy

he’s sold enough cycling related stuff as per his feedback to know what’s what with bikes.
i simply called him out and he changed his add in response.
No issue with the start price, 99c has worked for me more times than it’s failed.

tres dodge

Dear nothinsus,

Hey broski, can you tell me what’s campagnolo on this bike? I had a look through the pics but all I can see is shimano stuff.
Is it stamped on the dropouts of the frame of under the bottom bracket mate? Let us know, I collect Campagnolo parts, so let me know if you can help us out.

  • mr_dylan7

Dear mr_dylan7,

Hi Dylan I am selling this bike for a friend and he was told when he purchased this bike that it was a campag frame with shimano groupset.

Cheers Sean.

i agree spritzl!

ok to really get stuck into people intentionally trying to deceive, not really warranted hassling someone who just has no idea (or doesnt seem to care)