Now this looks like fun !

Fixed, gravel speedway racing !


That’s is awesome. Balls of steel on those guys.

I though they were single speeds…?

There’s a track near my house. I’ve been meaning to check it out.

Cycle Speedway

Actually, I think you’re right… SS, brakeless.

You want to get down there !

what kind of bars are they??

They look like BMX cruiser bars.

im so up for that, anybody know of anwhere in melbourne

There’s another one in SA. Check the bikes… and they have sidecars too!!

I got in touch with them and here’s their response.
"No there is nothing in Melbourne unfortunately.

Skid Kids (for the youngsters) and Cycle Speedway (for the older rider) is only operating in Adelaide.

The sport of Cycle Speedway is currently operating in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Poland and there are 2 tracks in the US. We believe there is a track operating in the Ukraine near the Russian border.

We have the World Championships here in Adelaide in Feb next year so we have rides from all of the countries coming to Adelaide.

If you want to get a club operating over there we would be only too happy to assist!!!"[/i]

If there’s enough interest…?

Small gear and Dunlop Volleys ftw.

sounds cool.
and it can be done on pretty much any surface. might be a good use for some of those old path racer frames


Cycle speedway is raced by individuals, pairs or teams. Each race is contested by up to four riders, and a match normally consists of eight to 24 races. Points are awarded for placings in each race. A race day fixture might take in up to two, three or more matches. In a team event, the winning team is the one with most points at the end of the day.

Races involve up to four riders racing anticlockwise round four laps of the track, the winner being the first across the line. The number of laps varies according to the length of the circuit and the age of the riders. Competitors use a lightweight single-speed bicycle equipped with a freewheel but without brakes, often a stripped-down mountain bike frame is adequate for beginners although specialist machines are used by the top racers. Riders slide their left foot along the track as they race round turns. Physical contact is legal and often necessary; clothing usually covers the whole body from the neck down, with padding for knees, elbows and hips; helmets are also required.


But it was not until the immediate post-war years that Cycle Speedway became the organized sport we know today.1945 is widely recognized as the year of its birth. It started amongst the debris world war had left, bomb sites became stadiums and craters became tracks coinciding with the boom in popularity of motorized speedway. London, with more bomb sites than any other city, set the ball rolling in 1945 and within a year or so Cycle Speedway flourished in virtually every provincial city and town in the country.

…is amazing. I was told this, but didn’t really believe it!

Maybe our SA brethren could check them out the World Champs next year and report back.

I’ll look into it as I think I’m the only regular SA poster… Who else is from SA besides Dyl and Newlyfixed (Chuck)?