Nth Bris: Colnago track replica, or is it???

Curious about this bike. Seller is calling it a replica, but that’s a bloody good replica paint job by the looks.
At $350 it’d be worth a look-see if anyone’s close to Brighton.
Even if it ain’t a 'Nago it still looks worth a spin.

Colnago Replica Steel Track Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Brighton | 1046878330

Looks a bit bigger than a 54 as well…

Def worth a looksee, even if not pretty tity for $300 (what you could ask)

Not legit

Defs not legit, cheap road cranks. Pretty sure they are tubs as well.

Crashed/Bent fork?

Thought the same, but I think it’s just the paint job making it look not straight. As the reverse pic looks ok.

As for cheap road cranks on a fixie, that’s never happened before…

not only that, but bloody ugly too.
$350 for a no name with the Leb Special paintwork is a bit rich !!