NY for Easter - what bike shops are a "must do"?

Off to NYC for a week over Easter and have a need to see some bikes.
What bike shops are the “must do” shops in NY?

King Kog and Chari & Co. might be worth a look.

I am going to probably get burned for saying this and especially because I don’t really know you and how big you are into bikes etc. BUT - don’t plan too many bike shop things in NY. NY has so many other things that will blow your mind. Bars, cafes, shops, history etc. Thats just me though.

Red Beard Bikes.

no idea why, but their logo is cool.

I bought shoes from Gotham Bikes. The only reason I stumbled across that store was because I was hunting down Hook and Ladder 8. AKA THE GHOSTBUSTERS HQ!

Gotham Bikes is nothing special though, nothing you can’t get back here anyway.

All the good one’s are closed. Now the shops are run by bloggers with the same products everybody else has.

Visit Dave and Bike Works Nyc - he’s the only real guy left.

Ride a bike over the Brooklyn Bridge !!
Ride through Central Park @ night time.
Ride along the Hudson River north to the George Washington Bridge, stop at Washington Heights and have a 40oz just like Kerouc (not really, he just got stoned).

If it’s cold there might be some sludge leftover from winter - will dirty you and the bike. But fun !!!

Also like.

Affinity is good too.

Try here: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f10/new-york-new-york-26225/

…and here: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f4/im-new-york-5267/

Totally get it - and not planning the whole trip around bikes. My GF lived in NYC for years and bikes are blocked out for a 1 day out of 8. We have so many things to go and see and do. Can’t wait. We’re in China for Christmas and Hong Kong for NYE and will probably be alittle bike starved there so we’re keen on spending a day in NYC checking out bikes. We love to ride.

Thanks folks for the help - good starting points. pretty jazzed about seeing the Ghostbusters HQ though! That would be awesome!

Ev was in NYC earlier this year. He got me a King Kog cap (kap?). It’s currently the favourite cap I own. Worth going there just to get a cap.

If you are keen on the ghostbusters HQ, you have to take a peak through the front door to see the Ghostbusters logo which was used in the movie. Keep in mind that this is still a working fire station and they have nerds come in every day to get a peak so don’t be surprised if they tell you to jam it.

There was a thread somewhere with a whole lot of other NYC tips. I will see if I can find it for you.

EDIT: That was easy.


Go see the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island that was used at the start of The Warriors.