NYC bike snob - interview/podcast/

podcast is here

from the bikeshow in ENG.

goto love the this comment
"Over the past five years a craze for riding bicycles with only one gear and no freewheel has taken off, in New York, London, Sydney and cities all around the world. "

Sydney - lol

Yup thats right sydney not melbourne!

I enjoyed the BSNYC interview immensely- he was down to earth and not afraid to laugh at himself (and others). He articulates really precisely what a lot of us cyclists feel about the fixed gear craze I reckon. And we’re all implicated!

any other bike podcasts out there someone can recommend?

I don’t get the thumbs down - I agree with horatio - the BikeSnob guy was great. A good perspective. Would be some good listening for all these kids with their matchy-matchy fashion bike shite.

“Why do people think because they bought a pista, and rode it for six months, and changed or removed the bar tape, that someone will give them more than they paid for it?”

Other podcasts - “The Spokesmen” is kind of OK. It’s mostly ProTour talk, and mostly US-based, but still good to listen to.