NYC bike thief justice...

NYC Thief Gets His.

Stolen from Prolly.

Make your own call. It’s not as bad as the U-lock video, and I think the bike thief gets what’s coming to him. But then again, I’m not really one to watch dudes beating on people. Or beating off on people either, but that’s another video.

I’m surprised he got off so lightly.

I’m torn. Is that going to stop him stealing bikes in future? Probably not. He’ll probably just pack a weapon next time.

what are you expected to do though?

Go to the police and them wipe their hands with it? police care very little if you get hit by a car on your bike, do you think they care about attempted robbery of a bike?!
Beat him to a pulp and maybe end up in jail for assault?
tell him to stop it and then he walks around the corner and steals someone elses bike?
tie him to a tree and torture him!?!?

Yeah it’s a tricky one… violence begets violence though.

i think it looks stuid, not going to stop him, he’ll probably just stomp peoples wheels whenever he can now. i would have locked him to a bike rack, and texta’d ‘bike thief’ on his forehead. much more elegant

I think it reinforces the need to always lock your bike properly…

“Well I can’t abide by that”

If I walked to my locked up bike to see a professional looking bike thief with a drill I couldn’t imagine that I’d do something too different to what was done in that video.
This isn’t some kid grabbing an unlocked bike from the train station, It’s a guy with a power drill and an agenda, clearly he does this frequently and aims to profit form your loss.

I just wouldn’t be stupid enough to start filming it.

If you were a messenger like the guy Alfred in the video, the bike might not only be your pride and joy, but also your source of income.

#1 revenge fantasy.


if i saw someone trying to steal my bike, i wouldnt even play, id just straight up kick the shit out of them. Wouldnt think twice.

I hate violence, and avoid fights at all costs, but what else are you meant to do? Give em flowers?

i say do what Leon says:

Hahaha…when I saw Leon I wondered if you meant the Leon I thought of.

You know there’s a new series starting on 20th September?

“fuck his whole asshole up!” :slight_smile:

it keeps getting better, season 6 was amazing.

i’m just overcome to yell “DON’T STEAL BIKES BRO.”
knuckle tatoo?

hahaha i just saw this episode 2 days ago

apparently there was a buffing wheel on the drill and the “thief” was going to shine up the guys bike.

Pics of the tools he had on him at Cycling Weapon of Mass Distruction. Can’t see a buffing wheel… :wink:

That’s probably fair enough. there’s some couriers out there with some nice rides. they just don’t keep them polished enough and its quite a shame really.

I find it pretty offensive that a number of you think that this is a cool thing to do.