NYC intersection

Here’s What Happens At a Busy NYC Intersection

So why do they actually bother with traffic lights?

Makes the round about of death seem actually kinda ok. At least there ‘most’ people try and obey ‘most’ road rules.

fuck, that music is annoying.

Aint nuthin on India though :eek:
YouTube - ‪India Driving‬‏

In the 7+ years I lived in NYC I saw perhaps only a handful of car crashes, bike stacks and hit pedestrians. That’s a lot of traffic, quite intense, and in some parts way faster speeds than here in Oz city centres yet remarkably little actual danger.

It only took a few months here back in the Sydney (inner and eastern 'burbs) to see much more carnage. Overpoliced, over-regulated, supposedly safe and people seem to switch off, and in some way pay much less attention.

Maybe a little danger is actually a good thing.

I want to see one of these for an intersection during an alleycat

figured this was probably the best place to post this…

YouTube - ‪bike lanes‬‏

if it’s old and you’ve seen it 10 times already, feel free to suck it up

I surprised myself with how much I laughed during that video.

haha yep, me too! the roadworks is the best one :slight_smile:

with work, we ocasionally have to set up in bike lane, and i try and say thankyou to all cyclist who take then time to not ride through my worksite.
that said, i still am annoyed coming up to other peoples worksites,