NZ Made J.Foster Pursuit UPDATED

Finally made up my mind on this bike. 10 Pitch is now gone (may be to a cannondale track soon), comes the Phil Wood setup.

J.Foster Pursuit (Columbus Max Tubing) 54
J.Foster Columbus Max Fork/Dura Ace EX
Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino Mighty/Suntour Superbe Pro
MKS/Toshi doubles
Dura Ace NJS 16T/Campagnolo 46T/Shimano Nexus
Nitto RB021/Look Ergostem
Iscaselle Targa (high back)/Sugino
Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
EAI Arrow Super Turbo 650c/Phil Wood High Flange (custom drilled)20H/Continental
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Araya Super Aero/Phil Wood High Flange 32H/Vittoria Zaffiro

Oh thank christ! The DA10 and MAX is restoring the temporary blindness caused by the abomination posted earlier today.

Looking fantastic.

I’d put the disk on the back.

Only because it looks stupid. You can leave it there if you want to. Im sure it handles really great in wind.

Otherwise nice bike. i fuck’n love those Nitto/Dura-Ace stems.

At least he’s following the law: The deeper profile wheel must be on the front.

As for riding around, I see plenty of polo guys do it!

What is with every kiwi on this forum having amazing bikes?

WTF shool of bike did you go to???

Still waiting on a hub for the front wheel build, once it’s done, i’ll update.

And I do have this, just that I am reluctant to remove the 10 pitch groupo…

Nice build but i think front discs look a little odd with out a rear disc.
A nice low profile front it would be ballin.
Every thing else is real nice.

Beat me to it.

Dude i want those discs for a campy build.

nice mix of pasta and rice… and sheep

Just keep doing what you’re doing!

You guys have better bikes…
As for us, the market is smaller, it’s easier to find good frames as less people are fighting with you for them! ha!


If I changed my mind on those discs, I’ll let you know…

Please do nice bike though regardless, but full 10 pitch is balling.

Looking awesome Jody!

When are you coming round to pick up your next frame haha!

There are some amazing bikes over the ditch jeebus… Very nice indeed

some hot shit right there, would love to see more detailed pics of the actual frame though?

Amazing build. Yourself and Nacnud must have yourselves the most insane polishing wheel set up. Your polishing job on the DA10 cranks on this is BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLin…

Yeah I always thought the D-A 10 chainrings were the bronze colour. I’d lose the disc so more of your mad polishing skillz are on display! Hot damn, nice bike.

Thanks, will take some photos of the frame later on.

Thanks! It’s kind of hard to compete with Nacnud here in NZ! This guy crave for nothing but the best… haha

Yeah, they were brown. But after I built it up, the brown coating killed the look, so I got it polished…