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Thousands flock to Lyttelton Urban Downhill - 3 Sport - Video - 3 News

Lyttleton rules.

More so pre-earthquake, such a high number of good bars and venues.

awesome. they should do more of this.

This. Lyttleton is my favourite place in Chch. I came very close to moving there a few years ago. So many good memories of nights spent at Wunderbar… Saw a video showing the Volcano Cafe facade being torn down the other day. Was very sad.

Glad to see that the Urban DH when ahead this year. Seems to be an improved course from the year previous.

Yup, Lyttleton is great.

Wunderbar was fucking cool… Christchurch totally ate dick when I moved there 20 years ago…
Guess I wasn’t the only one who thought that…

Lyttleon totally rules though… Shame there is little of it left

Here’s a WAY BETTER vid of the event:


The interviews (2.25->)at the end are classic:

"same with me, had a real goody, stoked with 3rd "

and the dude with the long hair looks like a MTB-y BLakey…