Oakley Replacement Lenses

I just thought I’d post this for anyone else who has Oakley sunglasses.

I stumbled onthis placeyesterday. If you’ve ever looked at the cost of Oakley lenses you’ll see why these ones look worth a shot at around AUD30 delivered. The only shame is that they only have the reflective ones for Flak Jackets, but for that price I’m willing to look more of a nob than I already do.

Trying to get some lenses too but I can’t find similar to this http://www.topfashionshades.com/brands/oakley-sunglasses/oakley-oo9008-flak-jacket.html

How are the quality of these lenses?

Very good. But they’re only available in reflective finishes so you have to be very careful to keep them scratch-free and I’d probably prefer non-polarised lenses.

But the fit and quality are very good, excellent value compared to original Oakley lenses.

I really need a new pair of lenses for my Blades. Is there a reason why the Oakley’s cost heaps more, is it because of some fancy metalised coating or something?

side note tho this, does anyone know where to buy replacement “jaws” for jawbones, as in the lower part that swings and locks the lens to the frame? seen a couple of pretty cool colour combinations out there and want to grab some for mine but cant seem to find where you can actually buy them

You can usually find them on the 'bay.

from what i remember hearing from a rep in the US, its because thats where the bulk of their IP and value is (or as far as they are concerned).

as the number of ripoffs shows making the frames is relatively easy but the precision lenses require more QC etc. plus they used to have a pretty good warranty/replacement policy for lenses. not sure if thats still the case though…

Thanks, I’m going to try out a pair of these


hey everyone, just thought id share my experience…

Found a company in Sydney Australia called sublime optics that does sunglasses replacement lenses for all sorts of sunglasses brands like oakley, arnette, von zipper and ray ban. (mostly oakley).

you can buy them direct from their website www.sublimeoptics.com or ebay for around $35.

I was skeptical at first thinking how can these guys even compare to the oakley ones ($90)… Its why i always got oakleys in the past because i like the clarity of the lenses. Anyway i thought ill take the chance and chose the standard polarized black lenses for oakley holbrook.

Honestly couldnt believe it, it arrived so quick and the lenses themselves were soo clear i actually forget im wearing sunglasses!!

Since then ive also got a few different shades of lenses (they do every metallic colour and also clear and transparent yellow. Also got some lenses and renewed my old Gascans and also Ray ban wayfarers. Perfect every time! Saved me heaps… Ill never have to buy new sunnies again!