Oatmeal Coffee

This just made my day. Thought other people might enjoy it. And learn a little.

Has absolutely nothing to do with bikes. Except for that fact that just about every single ride I’ve ever been on has involved coffee.

It’s from this dude called The Oatmeal who does kinda funny/crazy stuff. Great way to kill time if anyone is having a quiet one at work.

p.s. sorry if i just chewed up your month’s bandwidth allowance.

well i was entertained.

the oatmeal is good value

although i did have high hopes that this was about some amazing new porridge/coffee hybrid.

we didn’t have any milk the other morning so i put up’n’go in my coffee, that was pretty much the best breakfast ever.
oh, and what is that crazy african coffee that gets crapped out of bats and then brewed (or whtever the hell happens)?? that shit is crazy

but i digress, it’s really slow at work today. also, patch has been new user of the month since april. this makes me lol

Maybe I have just been taking out the award for 7 consecutive months? This calls for a victory dance.


ps Kopi Luwak is what you’re after. And it get crapped out of these possum like things in south east asia if I remember correctly. Pretty extreme.

yeah, me too, I thought he had revolutionised breakfast

(but I have made a note-to-self about the up-n-go thing)

i thought it was in south america. but yeah, some rainforest-dwelling critter. what a joke.
considering the price of that coffee it’d be cheaper to pay an underage ladyboy to eat the coffee and shit it directly into my mouth.

My deceptive header has been a success! I should apply for a job at fox news.

also… I now have my first ever signature. eff yes JAMS

Despite the (now decidedly disgusting) tone of this thread, I feel obliged to post something because I have ‘Cafe’ in my uname.

I agree that the Oatmeal is a nice distraction sometimes.

The crazy bat like thing / possum like thing is called a Civet - and I have no desire to drink the coffee. Neither will you after I show this photo I flogged from five senses.

Those are not organic nut bars from the fixed.org.au musettes.

Back to Patch hey - I too thought he had devised some sort of roasted oatmeal-based caffeinated beverage. Shameless thread name-baiting at its worst.

Oh, i know a way to not get a tropical disease, let’s handle the faeces of some random animal with our bare hands! Huzzah!


I won’t ever be able to look at chocolate-coated coffee beans the same way :mad: