Obey Fuji Track

I’m a big Shepard Fairey fan, so when I saw this bike came out I just had to have it. Owned it for about a year and half, and slowly been swapping out some of the parts. Here is a timeline of the bike since my owning it…

Completely Stock…

Changed bars and tyres, seatpost, and brake, Starfuckers clips and SAGlife straps.

As it is today…

Full Specs:
2008 Fuji x Obey Track 57 cm Matte Black
Hillbrick seatpost
Brooks Swift saddle
B43 Rear Purple
Aerospoke Natural Carbon finish front
Vittoria Randonneurs 700 x 28c
Odyssey twisted pedals
BO Straps
Dia Compe Clamp on brake
Dirty Harry lever
Nitto B201aa Risers Gold
Oury grips
Miche Primato Crankset 48T
Surly cog and lockring 19T

Located in Melburn.

It looked poxy at the start. And probably overpriced cause an “artist” got involved.

I like the middle incarnation, pretty sweet.

I wasn’t a fan of the original gold stem but the new one gives a way better look, especially with the gold headset.
Can it barspin? How comfy is that seat (Settle in yet?) and what stem is that?

god… i dig your cranks

looks nice, but that original stem :S:S
picture with more detail

Yeah original stem was uuugly. Can’t bar spin. Cranks are nice. Stem is a nitto (can’t remember the model name).

Seat is comfy, just started treating it with the Brooks proofride - working a treat. And don’t know what seattle in means???
Looking to get some nitto b125 black drops if anyone knows of any, new headset (black) , and a new seatpost.
Other than that I’m pretty happy with it.
For the record, I hate the Lakers, just like the colours.

Pretty sure I’ve seen this locked on Errol St near Auction Rooms.

Carry on.

If you’re getting rid of the gold risers and gold headset, a black stem might work a bit better.

(yeah sorry i meant settle, since the brooks seats take a while to settle into)

Haha nice you can see how much your arse has dug into your saddle form the first shot to the last. I have a brooks swift-pretty sexy but don’t match a whole heap of bikes.

yeah, i didn’t like my shepard fairey print, so i repainted a few of the colours, painted over some other stuff and drew in a bunch of flowers instead, gave the figure a new haircut…
now it looks totally sweet :-/

I think I just puked a little…


love it

haha classic jams

i haven’t seen this bike at all… would love to though, pics?