Obree in The Age

Feature video on his landspeed record attempt. Pretty boring news really, but this image cracks me up

Video: Graeme Obree to attempt human-powered land speed record

Powered by methane?*


He is…irrepressible.

Yeah, he’s awesome.

If you were wondering what Beastie looked like beneath its sheath, here you go:

Ntbd. Did he build this one himself too?

Yes, As far as I know he did.

Reminded me of this clip - I found the part where he talks about a mundane job kind of inspiring.


God this is terrible.

If you are referring to the clip - granted, the apple inspired acoustic guitar and reversed cello is a little rich. But he’s a character for sure.

Flying Scotsman Graeme Obree clinches new world record on The Beastie - Daily Record