Odd + even chain rings

I read (on Sheldons site I think) that you get faster wear on chainrings and chains if you run even numbered chain rings with odd numbered chain rings. ie 44/15.

I have a 44/16 setup which I want to upgrade but if I go 46 on the front my chain wont fit and its a really nice new chain. I’m thinking a 44/15 should be ok if its not going to wear too fast.

I can’t see why there is such a difference, I ride SS so skid patches arn’t an issue.

Any thoughts/insights appreciated!

From what I’ve been taught, you want an even number of teeth to an odd number of links on your chain. This is so that any wear that occurs throughout the system is being spread over the chain, instead of always happening at the same location.

As for odd/even, or even/odd, chainring and cog combos I don’t remember.

It won’t wear faster, but if you have even/even ring/sprocket you can wear it much further and still have it mesh acceptably, as the inner and outer links will always be on the same teeth. You do need to ensure that you engage the same teeth if you derail the chain for any reason.

But… chains are cheap, run whatever ratio you and get a new chain.

Get a chain wear indicator tool.

What they said. You can get good chains for cheap.

Get the wear indicator and replace often.

Ok thanks, I think I spent too much on my chain so have become financially attached to it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

attached to your chain…wow, you do love bikes, just ride any ratio combo, buy parts as needed.