odd/suspect package

The other day I recieved a package in the mail from a company called “Bacon Factory” in Hungary with my name/address on it and also the address of the sender handwritten.

Inside were eight badly cut out and laminated Marvel/DC characters with magnets glued to the back.

I’ve checked with some mates overseas and no one has confirmed they have sent it.
I tried doing a search on the net for the company name but all I get is a company that sells pre sliced bacon and one that re directs me to an auto parts company.

Does anyone know how to search for an address on the net, I tried getting the Hungarian equivalent of the White Pages up but no luck there, thinking of seeing if the post office can maybe do some kind of trace but not sure if that’s even possible.

I figure alot of people on here order things from the net so someone may have some idea of how to go about looking into this.

Anyone maybe think it’s time I should be checking the back of the stamps for a microdot or something?

why investigate? just take the characters and run-unless they got a hold of your card deetz and you were charged by some slimey bacon

No danger of that I’ve never ordered anything off the net and don’t own anything but an eftpos card.

It’s just really odd, everything was handwritten, they even wrote my first name as Tom and not Thomas (everything legal has Thomas on it).

A drunk ebay purchase?

i’d be disappointed that the package did not contain free bacon

or car parts

Scratch a bit off one of the characters, roll up a 50 and see how it goes…

If that doesn’t work break em open like an Easter egg. mmmmm

I’m intreged- are the objects legit- you make it sound like something a serial killer would send the police?? Perhaps see if drugs are concealed inside- just sayin it’s a possibility

aren’t they just 2D pictures cut from a magazine and laminated?

i’m also intrigued.

pics or it didn’t happen!!


ha ha ha ha so fuckin random ha ha

they were just badly cut out… they’re not from an actual comic, more the stock character pics you get on wrapping paper and birthday cards.
I’ll take some pics tonite to prove it

p.s. if there’s no post tomorrow it means the Hungarian mafia have come for thier “shipment” and I’m very likely floating down the Torrens in a bin bag.

This. Is. Bizarre.

How well is the address defined on the box? Clearly or hand-written-scrawly? Perhaps you could determine the rightful addressee from that?

Damn it. This thread would be way cooler if I hadn’t solved it.

Do they look like this?
BaconFactory by BaconFactory on Etsy
Super villain magnet set by BaconFactory on Etsy

I just googled “Bacon Factory Etsy” presuming it was some hand-made hippie craft shit.

That’s them!
Although they’re way shitter in reality.

Case solved
“And that’s the end of that chapter”

It’s really unfortunate as I would have paid money to read about you licking them hoping they were acid before we found out they were some indy kid’s creations…

i still have no idea how they ended up in my mailbox… some things are better left unknown

maybe someone bought them for you as a present? how random…

good job steve (how the fuck did you know to look there!?!?)

Well now it’s obvious what you must do!

peel off the magnet… take pics… let us dibs em, and then the first in on each one can send u a self addressed stamped envelope to recieve a unique spoke card that they wil then take a pic of on there bike and post here. small but exclusive FOA club.

i’ll dibs the first as your choice(random) if you want. PM me, and i’ll send the envelope.

pics to follow
i’m keeping the iron man one