Off the Shelf -> present day.

Here are the transformations to my bike since I got it 16 months ago:


Frame and forks: '09 Madison
Cranks: Sugino 75
BB:Sugino 75
Headset: Chris King
Seatpost: Thompson
Seat: SM Regal
Stem and Bars: Cinelli
Pedals: Time
Chain: Izumi
Wheels: Weinman w/Velocity
Tyres: Conti gators
With: Cateye strada double wireless and Nightrider “Mini Newt”

Old posts kept for my own records:
don’t read - they’re shit!

Picked this up in Nov last year because I wanted to try fixed, having been riding a road bike for a little over a year. Have only driven my car about once a month since then, can’t ride enough.

'09 shwinn madison,
weinman wheels to formula hubs.
MKS pedals and clips with toshi straps
Rest is basically stock + cheap risers and ourys

Riding 48 x 19 mostly

I never really liked the yellow…
so here is the new (stripped and clear coated) version of my bike:

Madison, Sugino 75, Thompson, SM Regal, Cinelli, TIME
While I had it in bits also overhauled headset and BB - new grease and nicely dialed in = pleasure to ride.

Old post kept to show what it used to look like:

you’ve actually made the madison look pretty good there.

Few things have changed in the last few months.

-New: cranks (and BB), post, seat, stem, bars, spacers etc…

2009 schiwnn madison (best estimate of weight - 100kg)

Sugino 75, Sugino 75(BB), Thmopson, SM Regal, Cinelli, Cinelli, MKS, toshi etc…

Love seeing the progression on your frame. Looks (and must ride) killer!

coming tonight?

Has been a fun progression - to just have frame and headset left stock… Would love to get a new frame (kind of feel like I have polished a turd with this one) but haven’t had the balls to pull any triggers… going to Japan in Jan so who knows what could happen there!
But i Love riding it as is right now - so not complaining.

Would like to come tonight, but I have two (piss poor) excuses:

-Midnight start doesn’t work with my study plans.
-I have a dinner on = good red wine.

Looks nice with the new parts,
Very nice cranks.

Weak! Turned out to be an awesome race. Japan should be awesome! I better be seeing some NJS next year on campus.

I like an all black setup might do that with the next bike… nice man

wt do you think about shwinn madison??
I would like to buy one

Nice! New gear looks real good mate, props!

i like the flat bar look for this bike just wondering what is nicer to ride the flat bar or the drops ?

^Matter of personal preference isn’t it, try both - keep what you like.

Evidently I prefer drops.

Thanks Ryan, you look like you have a ripper project for summer too :slight_smile:

Looks great- I just got myself one OTS for $600 and can’t wait to start tinkering.

Update in first post.

i love raw steel bikes! looks great, even though its clear coated is there still any risk of rust??

Sure there is.
I did use a rust guard clear coat though to try to limit it - will see how it works over the next few months i am sure.

Out of interest, how did you go about stripping the paint? Just regular paint stripper, or did you get in blasted?

Food for thought

I’ve got a new appreciation for new fixie’s now, nice one!

i cant tell from photos but did u prime before clear coating?