Off the shelf winter beater fixed hub bike recommendation?

A friend has just moved to Minneapolis and is looking for a cheap off the shelf fixed hub bike for winter that:

Has sealed bearing
Fender and rack mounts
Clearance for bit tyres
Wheels that aren’t going to fold underneath him while he sources better ones
A cheap price tag
Will fit a 6’2 individual

Does anyone know of anything that would fit that description?


Surely Surly!

Cross-Check SS | Bikes | Surly Bikes
Cross-Check SS | Bikes | Surly Bikes

(dunno if the Ultra New hub is the free/free or fix/free or fix/fix model)

Cheapass? Bikesdirect special, kilo WT ticks the boxes

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Or a Pompino/pompetamine from the UK or the US distro?

But there are so many more options availabe to him in the US than there are here, we haven’t even seen half of them.

How about an off the peg SSCX? Wide rubber, cantis/vees/minivees(/discs), (eff cantis) SS or fixed, some have guard/rack mounts too.

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Ha, didn’t realise Surly were based there.

10,000 points to you AL9000. Forwarded and I’ll let you know what he went with.