Off the shelf

Hi All,

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself and the couple of bikes I have had since I have started riding fixed. I have ridden bikes a lot when I was younger, but only BMX or Mountain bike. A friend introduced me to SS & fixed bikes when I wanted to start riding again for fun and fitness.

I first purchased an SE Draft Lite, as I only had a small budget at the time and couldn’t afford to build a bike like I wanted to. The SE was fine whilst riding SS, but after changing out most of the parts and changing it to fixed, the bike started to show it’s weak points and I couldn’t get it riding nicely, no matter how much I was spending on it. It is now a SS again and is my Fiance’s daily.

Here it is pretty much how I bought it…

And this is it now…

After wasting a lot of time and money on the SE and not really getting to ride it, I found a second hand Charge Plug that was practically brand new, for what I think was a bargain($500). The bike rides great and all I have done to it so far, is changed the grips and seat, got rid of the painted half link chain that was noisey and not smooth and put on MKS pedals and clips. It is nice to have a bike that I can just ride now and not have to worry about it, but I will slowly change parts when I can afford too. I will hopefully come out to some Wednesday night rides soon.

Here is the bike before I put new grips, pedals and chain on…

Any criticism or suggestions welcome.

No criticism. But does anyone else think that these frames look identical?

They do look similar in the photos, but there is actually quite a bit of difference between them.

go on…

The Charge has a thighter geo than the SE, the top tube on the Charge is slightly angled down towards the head tube where as the SE is just straight across and the charge has fatter tubing. One other thing that is different that kind of annoys me is that the BB shell seems to be closer to the ground on the Charge, as the toe clips scrape the ground occasionally but that never happened on the SE and both of them have 165mm crank arms.

One of my mates just got a chrome Charge Plug Racer from wiggle for like $650 or something on sale, and only took a week to get here, he’s loving it at the moment hey! I like these bikes, but having two very similar seems a bit of a waste of time, should put the best parts on one and get a completely different ride!

Isn’t one of them his girls bike now.

Slinky gets the prize.
I had an se and didn’t care for it. Nice work on the plug, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it till you break it.

Not saying you will break it or anything, I mean, afaik they’re about as tough as a cat is lazy.
Didn’t cog do a review saying it held up really well to a ny winter?

It’s a more solid feeling bike than the SE and I figure it will last long enough for me to get comfortable and confident riding fixed, then when I have the money and knowledge I will build myself a better bike.