Official FIXATION Trailer

I definitely want to get my hands on a copy of this.

Most of it looks like wank to me

Yeps, defo looks like wankery.
We need to make a bogan one with utes doing burnouts and wet t-shirt competitons and shirtless guys drinking loads of beer and THEN smashing around on fixed gears.

Tracknats. It will be just like Summernats but with more teeth.

Actually it would make for a rad day. Skid comp, drags, go to woah and a show and shine.

Holy shit, we should have beers and organize it.

Only if you organise the Grand Champion sword and Miss Tracknats

But this seriously deserves more thought.

This actually sounds like an excellent idea! I’d be in for it if someone is better than myself at organising things works something out.

Don’t forget the Bike Audio Challenge!

Go to whoa could actually be a good event… quickest launch and skid stop.

Awkward for me… do any fixed films not look like wank to you?


Bring on Tracknats!
The environmentally, slightly less bogan filled version of summernats.

only slightly
and with better photography

And I guess there’d be more beer and less Jim Beam cans at Tracknats?

ergh, jimmies

Haha, Tarcknats. Go to whoah would be a toughie, only brakeless of course. Did a couple of drag sprints in London with LFGSS, little events like these are great for a giggle.

How could we do ‘miss tracknats’ without being horribly sexist?

By also having “mister tracknats”?


mister tracknuts would not be fixed i imagine

what like sprints, quickstop (timed very short sprint where you have to stop in a chalked circle to stop the clock) and footdown?

sounds familiar

there was no shortage of beer at that (in fact every entrant got a beer), and the end of the night featured a ‘longest ghostie’ comp.