Ok-dokie. So a month maybe 2 months back there was talk about peoples on this forum wanting to get on board with a group buy in regards to some locks. After some brief discussion in one of the threads it was raised that maybe we should go looking for a AUS company to deal with.

Since then i have emailed and had a response from CELL BIKES online (in sydney) who stock the Krypto Evo Mini and other miscelaneous locks. From the response i got they are quite keen to to help us just needing to know the approx numbers of buyers for the numbers to be crunched so they can give us a price per lock. They are keen to do either a bulk post to each state or just individually post aswell.

Being Christmas time i will leave this thread open for about 2/3 weeks before i reply to CELL BIKES with numbers of locks needed. Please reply your NAME & STATE & LOCK TYPE if your keen.



Dan. (Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEARS peoples :mrgreen:)

P.S. Feel Free to browse the rest of there online store we may be able to chuck a few more things on the order. :smiley:

simon…brisbane…krypto evo mini

Any ideas on prices? Mine was $50. Can you/they beat it?

mine was also only $50, if they can match that or come in close put me down.

Leon…Melbourne.krypto evo mini

Don’t know yet. Like i said we’ll get aprrox numbers and i’ll hit em back. Where did you pay $50. They are $73 on PBK so at the least i think they will be matching that.

LBS when you get to know the guys, not some assholes on the internet.

What he said…

Hey Spud, if you can get specific details where we can get em for 50$ then we can show them and we’ll see how we go…

Krypto Mini ($50 or less) Melbourne.


I’ll get in on that if they’re going cheap


Dean/Melbourne/krypto evo mini

Calvin, Melbourne, Krypto Mini

Paul, melbourne, kyrpto evo mini

Tom, melbourne, kyrpto evo mini

Ben. Evo Mini 50-60 dorra and I’m in. Melb

Jon Sydney eVo mini

What he said.

Chris, Brisbane, Krypto Evo Mini

evo mini, brisbane

Mark, melbourne, evo mini