official tour de france thread.

i’d like to kick it off with this, in case any of you are still confused about who you should support.

Excellent, Looks like i’m going for Frank Schleck (i did actually always prefer him over Andy).
I like the new SBS ad - Don’t rely on anybody…

Took me straight to Alberto Contador.
Gonna have to ‘fingerbang’ twice as much as usual.

Cadel Evans! Oh yesssssssssss. Feels good man.

No Jens :frowning: I am excited for this though.

The Tour de Suisse is looking pretty awesome. Does anyone rate Cancellera for the TDF?

He won’t win it, because he probably won’t keep up when the road goes vertical, but he’ll definitely feature in a few stages, don’t worry about that! He’s by far my most exciting rider to watch.

Watching Cancellara in the time trials last night was pretty impressive. He’s got an incredibly relaxed manner about him. No finger bangs too, which is admirable

Is fingerbang the new word-sub? What is it in place of?

it’s in place of ‘giant cock’

this is one reason I’ll be supporting Cancellara

I’d tap that.

i can’t wait for the tdf to start!!! only been following it for a few years and still don’t fully understand how it all works but it’s still awesome!!

world cup is great, but tdf is so much better :slight_smile:

what about this lovable goofball?

You’d almost want to keep him, but he’s no dandy like Fabian.

The fingerbang

Andy Schleck you sexy thing!

Shit I’m followign Cadel!!

what about this former member of oasis / garmin transitions?