Offloading a few things: Campy, Miche, Shimano, Harden...

whitey 182 | eBay

Still yet to upload a 53cm steel road bike with shimano 600 Arabesque and a pair of highly polished campy record high flange Hubs

Bro, how much to pull the miche post!

what is the spacing on the hardens?

how much are you after for the campys?

Keen to see the roadie

I’ll find out for you in 2hrs

bit vague. The cranks, brakes or the record high flag hubs?

fwiw the cranks you have are Triomphe. I think they’re a far nicer shape than Victory. Triomphe is more sheriff star shaped in the spider with a little kink/flare as it joins the chainring. The Victory is sort of blander looking with sort of a featureless, flat shaped spider. Victory also has the self extracting crank bolts but many have been lost or swapped out or lost.

You can compare spider shapes below …



Both use a proprietary 116bcd unique to this model. Mostly limited to a small number of 42/52 chainrings available although they are capable of running as small as 36t (but very hard to find). If you can find 36 and 50 tooth chainrings they make an excellent low q mid 80’s compact crank (good luck though - almost hen’s teeth).

thanks for that Spirito. I thought they were the same. I much prefer the triomphe!

You wouldn’t happen to know anything about the niche seatpost? I couldn’t find another one anywhere on the net

I don’t I’m sorry. Looks like a pre-cursor to the SuperType or perhaps a mid level model.

But it did remind me that Miche still do 116bcd chainrings (for their junior series cranks) that will fit the Triomphe cranks. Not cheap but a 36/48 crankset would make for a something different touring or CX crankset that would be good for 6 - 9 speed.

Of course you can gte them much cheaper o/seas. I’d try SJS or something like that if anyone is interested.

Miche Post and Concor Supercorsa

both sold to FOA members.

I’ve added a few more things

Will soon be adding some highly polished 1st gen DA hubs and cranks

36h front and rear NJS
170mm cranks NJS, sugino 48t ring

Get bidding people!
whitey 182 | eBay

The Dura-Ace 7500 crankset and hubs have been added!

Campagnolo Record Nuovo road hubs
and suntour freewheel added

DA cranks and Hubs ending soon. Make sure to throw down a couple of bids

whitey 182 | eBay

selling a heap road and NJS stuff now:

whitey 182 | eBay