Ofmega Mistral

These don’t come up that often: Ofmega Mistral Pista Track cranks RARE 165mm Campagnolo | eBay

I like them.

yeah, thats pretty tidy.

fucking tidy indeed, i used to have a matching bb floating around

Yeah, I’ve got these with matching BB. No chainring Or dust caps. Bloody lovely though.

i sold a set to user Sime i think… not a huge fan myself.

was down at wantirna trash and treasure market a few weeks back (i love that place), and there was someone selling a europa road kitted out with ofmega hardware.

I gave away one of those chainrings a couple of months ago. And I think I have 1x Ofmega metal dustcap (from DaFrog) if you want it JLN.

Yeah. THanks!

The dust cap Blakey has is not like the ones in the listing though. It is chrome steel