Oh channel 9, lulz

pretty sure it hasnt been posted on fixed yet.

“chik chik BOOM”

“it was a glock 9, it was awesome”


the fatter wog said to the skinner wog…

i just couldn’t take that seriously after that.

Welcome to Australia!


since when did wogs talk like islanders?


Best video ever.

“oi oi i need to tell em what happened”

soo good :smiley:

I thought it was lochie at first, then just realised it was some cheap imitation hipster :stuck_out_tongue:

i was actually thinking that it looked much like lochie, hahaha.

thats lochie hahahaha

A mate threw me the link to the 9 site with that last night and it was followed up by the Eurovision winner. Amazing combination!

I love the wasted girl who comes and tells the hipster kid “you’ve seen enough tonight!”

Amphetamines, hooray!

I didn’t expect that to be funny, but fucking hell…!

Television gold.

Is that real??? :-o


overnight interweb celebrity


soo classic

yeah fully don’t understand why they kept calling me jake… fully hecktic night ayyyy

this still isnt old, i still literally laugh out loud every time i watch this

This just gets better and better :smiley: