oh hai, I'z coming to visit... LET'S RIDE BIKES

hi! I live in San Francisco but I’m going to be bopping around Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns and Brisbane next month for work (june 22nd - july 11th) and I was hoping to be able to meet up with some fun, new fixie friends and maybe, possibly maybe, borrow a bike (I’m 5’4) so I can ride with yoU guys :smiley:

if anyone has a bike that they could maybe lend me (or an ex-girlfriend’s bike you are holding hostage… or something like that) pleeease hit me up. I’ll love you forever and I’ll bring you gifts from SF. and/or if you know of any rental shops that rent bikes that don’t totally suck… I guess I’d be into that too.

I’m hoping there might be some group rides and bike events that I can check out while I’m in town. if you know of anything dope happening during those dates I’d love to hear about it. (not sure yet which dates I’ll be in which cities so kinda trying to plan around what’s good…)

thank you!

well heres melbourne covered


heh. that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid, halp!

if you’re in melbourne for this it’s definitely worth checking out.


i miss CraigC.

I dun know CraigC, obviously…
but the Roobaix looks siiiick. thx!
after party?

Cairns is great if you like strip clubs, adult “book” stores and people that really like UFC.

i have a fixed peugot that would be exactly your size.
holla when youre in melbourne.

Figured I’d piggy back on this thread. I’m going to be in MEL from this Saturday till June 20th. Kinda last minute but I’ll be bringing my FGFS and Andy White’s loaning me a road / cross. I’ve been chatting with Blakey about rides but I mostly wanna hang out, shoot photos and ride.

Pardon the lack of introduction, I run Prolly Is Not Probably

Maybe I’ll see you guys around. I’m down for some organized rides or just cruising.

JW - i’ll shoot you an email later. You’ll recognize me from that. Lets connect and get some rides in on the FG.

This is pretty cool, Blakey and Andy will set you up with mad rides, they seem to know this place better than anyone.
Except when andy got lost during EFTS

Holy shit it’s Prolly! But getting back to the OP, let us know when you’re in Brisbane and one of us will be able to hook you up with a ride.

just make sure you wear a white bandana in your right pocket.

Dunno if it’ll be as exciting as when I saw you at a melbs alleycat, I was like ‘whoah, the antmandan!’

Yay! I’ll def. hit up those who responded as the dates get a lil closer. Thanks for being so rad guys. (You too, John! Love your blog and mad respect… even though you did just hijack mai thread, lol.)

Hey Prolly, maybe don’t check out the bike porn thread…

haha. GOLD.

Prolly - you have probably already been worded up, but you should definitely be hooked up with M-BASE, Melbournes FGFS crew.

You’ll find them in this thread tricks or search for user DeeCee, or contact Nick at saintcloud | bikes, clothes, culture

I met you briefly at Tokyo CMWC in 09, so if I see you around I’ll say hey, otherwise enjoy your stay…

Love you too Dylan :wink:

hey prolly man i am a big fan of your work dude, anyway ill be in melbs soon.