Oh my...

at interbike:


leather bar wrap, wood hoops…not for riding, it’s for hanging on a wall.

That would be so lust worthy if it didnt have big ugly yellow font all over it.
Dont people have any fucking aesthetic appreciation any more?
Almost any colour of the spectrum besides yellow would have worked. That yellow just clashes with the tan of the leather. Maybe if it was an ocher yellow they might have pulled it off but primary yellow. Its so hilariously ugly I want to punch myself in the face.

I would say that it would probably be a great ride regardles of the colour but anything you have to ride with your eyes closed is pretty much excluded from the ‘great’ catagory.

I can’t come to terms with the Brooks on a track bike.

Brooks made plenty of track saddles…

Just like Stronglight made plenty of track cranks. Volume doesn’t equal quality, or suitability…

Hey bitch - lay off the Stronglight OK?! :wink:


I suggest you think again

I saw some stronglight cranks/spider as a cycling trophy. farkin awesome

I appreciate you trying to convert me, but I am firmly in the “I don’t like Brooks” Camp.

I’m more into a bit of this action :wink:
I paid more for that at wholesale than I did for my whole bike and was worth every cent.

Don’t get me wrong, they must be comfortable for some people, but the idea of having to break a saddle in for a few hundred k’s so that it might be comfortable? Not my cup of tea.


if the front rim was a wooden aerospoke, then they’d be going too far, but it’s a show bike, like show cars. it just demonstrates what is possible. rules of taste don’t apply to these sorts of products.

i like the leather seats on the rivendell website with the pressure relieving slot cut out. they’re pretty extreme.

You are welcome to not like sitting on a Brooks but you can’t say it isn’t quality and they did produce saddles completely suitable for track racing. That saddle of yours feels like I am sitting on teeth :-o but I’ll defend to the death your ride to sit on it :wink: (Voltaire misquote)

You keep your bike on top of a bookshelf? what, is it afraid of mice?

It just doesn’t get out much.

Mountain bikes are more fun at the moment.

Good art should always elicit a response… Or otherwise, just look attractive! :slight_smile:

“Just like Stronglight made plenty of track cranks. Volume doesn’t equal quality, or suitability…”

wha? where did that come from?

and that bike is disgusting, to my taste. decals are ugly, i dont think wooden rims represent whats possible, just what used to be used and what the spazzy style “guru” at colnago thought would look great with the tape and saddle… WRONG. who knows, maybe the italians get excited bout it.

theyre some nice tires up above, Mikey.

Again, well spotted JP - they are indeed very nice! :wink:

LoOking at it, the Colnago, it does all look a bit wrong for a show bike!
why go old school with the saddle, tape, rims, nice chrome at rear end and then stick a fugly stem on it and for good measure plaster Colnago over it 50,004,836 times, just looks a bit half arsed to be honest,
I am a bit surpirsed to be honest they havent stuck to an Italian theme, plenty of quality old school italian saddles getting around!
Anyone inclined to agree? disagree perhaps?

I agree - the British-flavoured components were a rather bizarre choice given the quality and heritage of the Italian components available.

Even the rims - are they (British) Constrictors (trying to think of another make of timber bicycle rim…)?

Just goes to reinforce that marketing people are generally pretty ignorant - it’s just that they can out-talk others… Others that might actually have more considered ideas.