oh no

just so very wrong

Vintage retro Malvern Star “Skidstar GT” mens bike | eBay

I want to hurt this person.

Oh man, where do you even start…

You can start by borrowing HLC’s gun.

haha…I’ve got a 1968 Skidstar GT frame at home.

It’s a truly horrible build but what is it you guys don’t like, the bike or the price?

i think it’s awesome and will probabaly buy it.

Someone’s taking the piss

Doesn’t feel like it. The rest of their ads are pretty legit. Hope I’m wrong tho.

Its legit, dude lives down the street from where I work.

Drop bars on a skidstar is taking the piss…

It wouldn’t be the only odd skidstar build.

meh. i’ve seen more asked for worse.

But it’s not a good one.

but as the seller says “The photos do not do it justice, it must be seen to be even more appreciated”

looks like a reasonable job on the frame and I actually think drops could work…