Oh, really?

This on my commute this morning:

and this

I’d love to be able to change that to POLICE NOW TARGETING FUCKWITS.

Melbourne 0, Sydney 1


I’ve seen this a few times and I fucking swear it spends longer on the first message.

I reckon so too…was easy to catch the first one on the phone cam, not so easy to catch the second one :confused:

I think it can be done

Default password for roadside LED signs – Boing Boing Gadgets

I’d love to try it… Adelaide now has a dedicated bus lane with these signs pointing this out.

Oh so good

Usually they lock the keypads…
On the way to Salisbury last week there was a standard sign that someone had amended to read

I LOL’ed

I’ve seen them read “INSERT MEMORY CARD” on quite a few occasions.

Good advice I guess

“police now targeting b.o. On buses”

Captain Commuter shortly after the photo was taken.