Oh, that's just brilliant

Scooter fucktards in bike lanes now?


they’re motorbikes aren’t they?
there’s enough of them in the bike lanes already

almost, but not really

this would legitimise it, and attract the really stupid ones

Why arn’t they listening to Steve?

[i]Steve Bardsley, president of scooter club Melbourne Crusaders, says riders aren’t happy to be lumped in with pushbikes.

‘‘We wish they’d talked to us, really. We want to keep as far away from cyclists as possible.’’[/i]

I like you Steve - you’re alright…

fair swap. They can have the bike lanes if we can have the road back.

I had a scooter in the bike lane at the lights on the way to work this morning…. I “shoaled” past the scooter, and when the lights went green I took off nice and slow, forcing the scooter to get back on the car lane and out of the bike lane to overtake me. Then I sped up.

I fucking hate it when they just drift in a out of the bike lane and the car lane because traffic bank’s up. If I can get them back in the car lane, I will.

All that needs to change is the attitude motorists have to believing the road is theirs alone.

Main roads or whoever the hell it is that manages the infrastructure really needs to get some education going.

I’m constantly battling with idiot scooters pushing into the bike lane down royal parade. There was a cop there pulling them over a few weeks ago which seemed to scare them away for a little while, but they’re back again.

The first thing people learn when you go and get your motorcycle licence is to make yourself as visible as possible using your positioning on the road. I cringe when i see those scooterists that ride to the very left of the lane and invite cars to squeeze past them. Idiots.

I get substantial amounts of rage when i see scooterists in the bike lane. A mate of mine got cleaned up by one going 40km/h. Cost the scooterist about $4500 of carbon bicycle components! :smiley:

…and trust the Age to call a sweet looking Lambretta a vespa.



I had an argument with my girlfriends’ dad about a year ago about this. He is a poor excuse for a motorcyclist and couldnt handle big bikes anymore so he spends his time riding vespas and drinking coffee.

Personally, I’d be happy to get rid of bicycle lanes and ride with the traffic.

    1. bike lanes waste of time and in many situations are more dangerous.

i think legally, a scooter can ride a bike lane if they are under a certain speed limit?

Some scooter idiot nearly got whopped by a tram this morning on Collins by carving down the middle of one of the super stops at the to get around traffic , by bonking the raised concrete curb part nearly binning it before wobbling the wrong way in front of a bunch of cars that were about to take off.

A+ scooterizing.

Move to Sydney: bike lanes are virtually non-existent. It’s ok.

No argument from me, among other things if here is a bike lane and you are not in it (for whatever sound or unsound reason) it only gives driveres another reason excuse to be pissed at you

There was some discussion a while ago in one of the many defunct traffic management plans about allowing scooters and motorcycles to use cycle lanes if travelling under 30km/h but I don’t believe it got up.

i’ve already been telling scooters to get the fuck out of my lane!

this is sort of off-topic, but i have gastro.

i had gastro a couple weeks ago! omg!

I think i picked it up on the weekend.

Maybe we visit the same prostitutes.

Some dude had retrofitted what sounded like a lawn mower motor onto his bike and literally “smoked” me up a hill… on a bike path… are those things even legal?